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Exchange Partner Institutions

As of Jun. 1. 2019
Country University Date of Agreements
People's Republic of China Shen Yang Normal University 7.10.1988
Harbin Normal University 7.12.1988
Shandong Teacher's University 9.28.1992
University of Hong Kong 4.1.1999
Sichuan University 3.31.2000
Tianjin Foreign Studies University 10.12.2005
Liaoning University 3.31.2015
Dalian Ocean University 4.7.2015
Republic of Korea Pusan National University College of Education 1.26.2007
Seoul National University of Education 6.29.2009
Jeonju National University of Education 6.3.2010
Busan National University of Education 6.4.2010
Hansung University 3.23.2011
Taiwan University of Taipei 12.24.2012
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Hue University 9.15.2009
United States of America University of Alaska Fairbanks 7.1.1989
Illinois State University 10.24.1995
University of Alaska Anchorage 6.1.2006
Southern Utah University 5.8.2013
Canada Saint Mary's University 1.23.1990
University of Calgary 2.22.1990
Simon Fraser University 4.1.2000
United Kingdom School of Oriental and African Studies. University of London 1.26.1988
Germany University of Music Wuerzburg 6.24.2014
Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek Humanities University 4.1.2003
Kingdom of Norway University of Bergen 4.1.2003
Republic of Finland Sibelius Academy 5.18.1995
University of Oulu 4.1.2008
Russian Federation Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University 6.13.1990
Kamchatka State University named after Vitus Bering 12.10.1998
Commonwealth of Australia University of Technology. Sydney 11.29.1993
James Cook University 2.21.1995
Griffith University 4.1.2001
Arab Republic of Egypt Cairo University 10.1.1999

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