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Entrance Fee, Tuition Fee, Financial Aid

Entrance Fee, Tuition Fee

Entrance Fee Tuition Fee
Undergraduate Students ¥282,000 ¥535,800/year
Graduate Students ¥282,000 ¥535,800/year
Research Students ¥84,600 ¥89,100/three months
Auditors ¥28,200 ¥14,800/credit
  • At Hokkaido University of Education, Tuition is paid in two installments.

Exemption and Deferred Payment of Entrance Fee

In case of difficulty of payment of entrance fee is recognized due such incidents as the death of a person responsible of paying tuition within a year prior to the admission, storm and flood damage, etc., all or half of the fee may be waivered upon request.  Also, without a limitation to the above, if a student has a financial reason to not be able to pay the entrance fee by the due date and has proved one’s academic performance, collection of the fee may be suspended upon request.

Exemption and Deferred Paymant of Tuition Fee

If a student has a financial reason to not be able to pay the tuition and has proved one’s academic performance, all or part of tuition may be waived upon request. Also there is a plan to suspend the billing of tuition.

Japan Student Services Organization

Good student performing excellence in academics and finding difficulties to continue education due to a financial reason may apply to be examined for loan. Types of financial aid  and the amount of money (per month) are as stated below.

Financial Aid for International Students

Other Scholarship and Student Loan

There are Financial Aids available from local public bodies and private sectors.

Grant of Scholarship Award to Students Achieving Excellence

In able to nurture outstanding teachers and to promote nurturing of human resources capable of contributing to local societies, the University has established the "Hokkaido University of Education Trust for Education Support" trust  which grants scholarship to students acknowledged for devoting excellence in studying and self-improving

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