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Graduate School of Education

Master’s Course:Sapporo&Iwamizawa, Asahikawa, Kushiro, Hakodate

The objective of the Master’s Course is to train teachers with advanced competence, opinions, and practical skills through comprehensive, interdisciplinary research and education in extensive academic fields regarding theory and practice with the goal of enhancing and diversifying school education as well as being able to serve to improve local culture with professional knowledge.
  • School Education
  • Subject Education
  • Clinical Psychology and School Education

Professional Degree Course:Sapporo, Asahikawa, Kushiro, Hakodate

The aim of the Professional Degree Course is to foster thorough scholarship and extraordinary competence to acquire practical teaching skills, class/school management skills, student counseling skills, educational counseling skills, collaborative on work skills, and regional education collaboration skills to resolve various issues occurring in schools.
  • Advanced Teacher Professional Development Programs

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