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Iwamizawa Campus

The Iwamizawa Campus nurtures teachers capable of resolving various regional issues through fine arts and sports with ideas to create new cultural business and able to play core roles in the field of regional revitalization.

Arts and Sports Business

In order to enhance the cultural value of fine arts and sports through connecting them to the world and generating happiness among people, students study various theories in management, business techniques and practical approaches and put them into practice.  Students are trained to contribute to society using fine arts and sports as keys to create social values to develop a community full of excitement and high quality of life and revitalize the region.

Music Cultural Studies

Teaching professional musical knowledge, technique, and skill, the object of this course is to train teachers able to deliver their own creative activities to society and thus promote regional revitalization and culture in local society.

Visual Arts Cultural Studies

As a major national university the school offers a wide variety of fine arts, ranging from traditional arts such as painting, sculpture, calligraphy, and crafts to relatively new forms of art such as visual media, and design as well as fields of theory such as art management, art theory and art education.

Sports Cultural Studies

Sports can be competitive or for fitness and health or adapted sport for fun or outdoor sport.  This course offers scientific understanding of the characteristics of each type of sport to nurture instructors capable of enriching people's living in a regional society.

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