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Teacher Training

The course educates students to become teachers at elementary school, junior high school, school for special needs education, and kindergarten as well as school nurse.  The course nurtures excellent school teachers with considerable expertise in a field of education with practical teaching skills.  

The course is available at 3 campuses; Sapporo, Asahikawa, and Kushiro.  Each campus has its original curriculum to differentiate from the others.  The Sapporo campus focuses on students obtaining teaching skills to deal with recent educational issues. The Asahikawa campus teaches subject education in depth.   The Kushiro campus offers students to obtain practical educating skills associating with local regional characteristics.

Sapporo Campus

The Sapporo Campus trains students to become elementary and junior high school teachers with teaching skills to manage existing issues in classrooms.

Asahikawa Campus

Students study subject education in depth in order to be trained to be elementary and junior high school teachers with practical teaching skills on subjects.

Kushiro Campus

Through studying about education considering the characteristics of a region, for examples, rural areas and small-sized schools, the Kushiro campus curriculums are to nurture elementary and junior high school teachers to take parts in the region.

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