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Asahikawa Campus

Students study subject education in depth to become elementary and junior high school teachers with practical teaching skills.

Educational Development and Growth of Children

This course sets the goal of training educators to be equipped with the skills to logically observe issues in school education and the practical skills to resolve them.  This course aims to develop teachers with clear ethical views based  on commonsense. It also aims to hone educational ideals based on a deep insight into people and society.

Japanese Language Education

There are seminars: "Japanese Education I, " "Japanese Education II, " "Japanese Linguistics, " "Classical Japanese Literature, " "Modern Japanese Literature, " "Chinese Literature, " and "Calligraphy."  Using a methodology of solving problems of and through learning research methods, the course nurtures the skills necessary to unravel the mysteries of language.

English Language Education

This major aims to develop specialists in English education with a good balance of knowledge and practical skills through thorough studying in four fields: English, English and American Literature, English Communications, and English Education.

Social Studies Education

The objective of this course is to train teachers with a depth of knowledge and sensitivity.  The aim is to nurture teachers who can tackle nine fields of social studies and have the capability to think for themselves about various issues facing modern society.

Mathematics Education

The class studies philosophy of modern mathematics, purpose of mathematics education, and teaching methodology to nurture teachers with the skills to give good mathematics classes.  Through practice, students learn logical thinking and mathematical expressive power as well as practical subjects such as researching teaching materials and establishing curricula.

Science Education

The course trains teachers with a deep knowledge in each field of the natural sciences.  The mission is to educate teachers with an appetite for study with abilities to motivate children to learn, and form scientific concepts, as well as planning and implementing classes to improve learning.

Home Economics and Technology Education

Students study the basis of modern society, logically yet practically, from the sides of manufacturing and daily life.  The goal of the class is to nurture teachers with abilities to encourage children to develop creativity and holistic growth (think on your own, make things using your hands, and think with your heart).

Fine Arts, Music, Health and Physical Education

In the fields of music and fine arts professional instruction on performance and production is provided.  Through creative expression, the object is to educate teachers able to nurture children rich in sensitivity.  In the field of health and physical education the object is to educate teachers capable of conducting a physical education class to maintain healthy growth of all children/students and able to instruct and manage physical educational events.

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