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Kushiro Campus

Through studying education in a regional cntext, for example, rural areas and small-sized schools, the Kushiro Campus curricula nurture elementary and junior high school teachers to make a contribution to the region.

Rural School Education

This field of study, based on pedagogy and psychology, offers practical teaching skills to conduct a class that is fun for children to learn in by nurturing teachers' abilities to analyze contexts of school, family, and region and supporting the learning and growth of children.  The course also aims to develop comprehensive teaching skills in local regions at the schools in the city of Kushiro and Eastern Hokkaido as well as rural areas and small-sized schools.

Community and Environmental Education

This field of study focuses on Hokkaido's environment and regional features as its base of education and research activities.  Students on this major study what role education has in a sustainable local society. They also work to develop new teaching materials and teaching methodologies which contribute to the local region and environmental conservation through experience of tough environments such as life in primary industries in Hokkaido, livestock farming, crop farming, salmon fisheries, the Shiretoko Goko Lakes, and the Mount Rausu.

School Curriculum Development

This field of study nurtures extensively educated teachers with excellence in curriculum development, teaching skills and professional knowledge in each subject taught at elementary and junior high school (Japanese, arithmetic, mathematics, social studies, science, music, art, home economics, health and physical education, and English).

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