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Sapporo Campus

The Sapporo Campus trains students to become elementary and junior high school teachers giving them the teaching skills to manage education  in such classrooms.

School Education

Students on this course learn basic aspects of education such as the roles of teachers and school organization making lessons and classroom management, children’s mental development and learning processes.  Students aim to become elementary school teachers with practical teaching skills and learn about current issues schools are facing, for instance, bullying and truancy.

Special Needs Education

Children requiring special needs education are not extraordinary.  There are many children in normal classes who require educational support due to such symptoms as autism spectrum disorder, learning disability, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder.  These children can develop if adequate educational support is given by the people around them. Students majoring in this course study methodologies for teaching children in need of such support and how best to work with them.

Language and Social Studies Education

This course is composed of three fields of education: Japanese, English, and social studies.  The goal of the students is to become highly professional elementary / junior high school teachers with extensive knowledge and wide ranging views obtained through transversal research into languages and society.

Science and Mathematics Education

This course, composed of fields of mathematics and natural sciences, is to train students to be elementary school teachers, junior high school teachers, and junior high school science teachers with expert knowledge of math and science education.

Home Economics and Technology Education

21st century Japan requires children with abilities to improve daily living through making something new. This is important in a country that lacks natural resources.  In this course students are trained to be teachers with the knowledge to nurture children with the capacity to create on new future.

Fine Arts, Music, Health and Physical Education

Studying exclusively in the fields of "arts, " "music, " and "physical education, " students trained to establish a career as teachers who see learning as a lifelong process for themselves and their pupils.

School Nurse Teacher Training

Intensive education is offered to students at this major to become high-quality school nurses.Through lectures, experiments, and internship, the curriculum is designed to have students learn how to manage health care, prevent disease and give appropriate support to resolve symptoms.

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