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The Hokkaido University of Education made a new departure as a unique university firmly rooted in the regional society that combines both the arts-science assimilated type of academic research on human and region. Consequently, the faculty members as well as the university hope to contribute to the regional society of Hokkaido and the international society by training talented individuals to lead the regional society in the 21st century.
Under the slogan "Hokkaido University of Education where people foster people", we aim to become "a university that trains students" as a "university of education", or in other words firmly grounded on education. A university with the confidence that students will grow and "a university where students, staff and faculty members respect each other". Most importantly, we aim to become "a university that the people of the local and regional society can trust and depend upon".  
(excerpt of the Message from the President from the University's website) 

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