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  • Hokkaido University of Education Research Institute for Remote and Small School Education (HUE RISE)

Purpose of the Establishment of HUE RISE

The Research Institute for Remote and Small School Education (HUE RISE) aims to upgrade the studies of remote and small school education, based on those results, assist training and upgrading of teachers in remote and small schools, and share the results of the studies nationwide. 

Background of HUE RISE

HUE RISE was newly established in April 2018 after several series of organizational restructuring in HUE. Its origins can be traced back to when HUE was first formed in 1949. 
HUE RISE was established for the following three reasons:
  1. In the time of increasing depopulation and scaled back schools in Japan, the
     development of teachers who can undertake education in remote and small
     schools has become more important. 
  2. In the past, there was a prevailing negative view of remote and small school
     education but over time this opinion has shifted and now the majority are able
     to see the potential and advantages it could provide.  
  3. There are no other institutes to research and practice remote and small school
     education in Japan, so Hokkaido University of Education is expected to conduct
     research and share it with the entire nation.

Nationwide Networking among Universities

  1. The Establishment of the National Research Division of Remote and Small
     School Education under The Japan Association of Universities of Education 

     The National Research Division of Remote and Small School Education in the
     Japan Association of Universities of Education was established in October 2018
     and HUE RISE became its secretariat. 
     From the outset, 31 universities and 91 members have participated in the
     Division. The Division was established to respond to the high expectation for
     research and practical guidance required by the prefectural boards of education
     nationwide in Japan.
  2. The Establishment of the Association of Remote and Small School Education for
      All Universities in Japan
      In April 2020 HUE RISE took on the role of secretariat in the newly established
      Association of Remote and Small School Education for All Universities in Japan.
      This aims at networking with all interested universities and facilitating
      information exchange concerning remote and small school education.   

The Roles of HUE RISE

Based on research conducted over more than 70 years and the accumulation of
study results on remote and small school education, HUE RISE continues to take the following roles:
  A. Training and upgrading young teachers who are active in the field of remote
      and small school education
  B. Developing advanced research on small-group education and methods of
      small-group teaching
  C. Improving teachers’ skills for small group education
  D. Contributing knowledge and advice to boards of education and schools 
  E. Organizing training programs for community collaborative teachers
  F. Extending university education nationwide through faculty development (FD)
  G. Contributing to international society on remote education

Recommended Activities for the Public

  - Collaboration with university student internship programs at remote schools
  - Development of training materials and contributing to the Research Journal of
    Rural Education
  - Participation in FD training & lecture programs
  - Participation in school education training programs
  - Participation in forums to promote remote education
  - Contributing to the international community of remote education
  For more details, please visit the website of HUE RISE:

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