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Training room/Advisor’s room

In June 2020, we moved the training room and advisor’s room to a position closer to the front entrance of Kushiro campus so that more people can use it.
In the training room, various training materials and bulletins related to remote and small school education are arranged and can be freely browsed. In addition, it is fully equipped with desks, chairs, electronic monitors, mobile blackboards, Wi-Fi, etc., and can be used for classes and trainings.
In the advisor’s room, you can receive consultations from a remote education advisor. Also, some valuable materials are stored in the room, which can be viewed as well.
Due to prevention of the spread of COVID-19, the rooms are available only for persons involved in the university for the time being.
Thank you for your understanding.

Opening hours

Training room
 Weekdays 7:30~24:00
 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 8:30~24:00
Advisor’s room
 Weekdays except Wednesday 8:30~15:30


 General Affairs Department 0154-44-3291
EntranceTraining room
              Entrance                     Training room
Training roomAdvisor’s room
             Training room                   Advisor’s room

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