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Activity details

1. Implementation of teaching at four model schools in Cairo city

In the project, while revision to the Guide Book of elementary school science and mathematics education for teachers (GB) progressed, four language schools in the city of Cairo were selected as model schools. Four other schools were selected as control schools to compare with the model schools. At the model schools, the expert team visited once a week to conduct teaching using teaching methods to improve the ability of children to think by themselves and experimental teaching using the teaching instruction plan. Additionally, teachers from the model schools gathered twice a year to conduct study classroom sessions aiming at improving teaching methods.  

2. Teacher training using Guide Book (GB)

Teacher training was conducted for science and mathematics teachers of language schools in Cairo Province. During this training, practical training on preparation of teaching instruction plans and examination of their content were conducted, and practical research was also conducted through a research classroom session.

3. PPMU training for wide use of Guide Book (GB)

In order to enhance the applicability of the teacher's Guide Book, PPMU (Program Planning Monitoring Unit) trainings were conducted from 2002 to 2005 for a total of about 100 science and mathematics inspectors and senior teachers in 27 provinces in Egypt in order to explain the details of the Guide Book and the teaching methods.  

4. Counterpart (CP) training in Japan

From 2003 to 2005, a total of 11 CPs and 9 management staff members were invited to Japan to obtain in-depth understanding of the facts of the style of teaching that increases children's ability to think, the educational administration system in Japan, and other related subjects through the tours of schools and educational facilities in Japan. The main training items are as follows.
(l) CP training (6 weeks)
  • Education system in Japan
  • Classroom visitation
  • Classroom visitation
  • GB preparation training

Manager training (2 weeks)
  • Roles of Japanese managerial positions (including training at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and National Institute for Education Policy Research)
  • Methods of Japanese teacher training
  • School visit
  • Tour of educational facilities

5. Revision work of Guide Book (GB)

The first edition of the Guide Book was created with the support of the mini-project in November 2000. In this phase, aiming at a full-scale implementation of the new teaching method advocated by this Guide Book, the Hokkaido University of Education revision team in collaboration with experts and CPs in Egypt has made the revision based on the results of verifications obtained from the classroom lessons at the model schools.