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International Center

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Project Details

Interaction with International Exchange Partner Institutions

Hokkaido University of Education signed international exchange agreements with 35 universities (schools) in 14 countries and regions overseas to promote exchanges of researchers and students.
International Exchange Partner Institutions

Study abroad from Hokkaido University of Education

Every year, Hokkaido University of Education students are sent to International Exchange Partner Institutions and other educational institutions in different countries as exchange students and short-term trainees.

Accepting international students

Hokkaido University of Education proactively promotes the exchange program by also accepting international students. International students are here as exchange students or short-term trainees from International Exchange Partner Institutions, government-sponsored international students who were invited and selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and other opportunities, and their periods of stay vary by the type of study abroad programs, but many international students are studying at our campuses.

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