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Study abroad from Overseas to Hokkaido University of Education

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Exchange Student

International Exchange program

[A] Introduction

The Hokkaido University of Education International Exchange Agreement commenced in 1988. Developing together with the friendship courses of each of the 5 regional campuses (Sapporo, Asahikawa, Kushiro, Hakodate, and Iwamizawa), it currently oversees research and student exchange between 35 universities in 15 regions. In 2004 the university became a National University Corporation. In order to conduct independent and efficient university management, the academic major courses at each campus are organized in such as way so as to be conducted under a unified banner as the enterprise of one single university.
Based on this policy, we aim to offering exchange student course that recognize the importance of the connections between student education, training and curriculum, and which incorporates the best elements of each region. We now offer academic major courses which focus in their first half on Japanese language classes, and their second half on academic courses based on the regional characteristics of each campus. It is our sincere wish that through these new courses, we are able to contribute to student education and research activities for both our university and partner institutions participating in these exchange agreements.

Yoshiki Yokoyama, Professor 
Director, International Center

[B] Outline of the International Exchange Program at the Hokkaido University of Education

  1. The first semester (April enrollment: April to August; October enrollment: October to February) focuses on Japanese language courses (International Center:Sapporo). Target students are considered based on the results of a Japanese language proficiency questionnaire.
    * All individuals who have passed the N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (or individuals certified as holding the equivalent or higher level of proficiency) and individuals applying to music oriented courses are exempt from the Japanese language focus course, and are assigned to their specific academic major course.
    * Students who have attained N2-N4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and who wish to apply for the "Japanese Culture, Society, and Language Study Course" at the Hakodate campus as their specific academic major course, can be assigned to this course for one year.
  2. For the second semester (April enrollment: October to February; October enrollment: April to August), students will be assigned to the Sapporo Campus, Asahikawa Campus, Kushiro Campus, Hakodate Campus, or Iwamizawa Campus according to their academic interest.
    * Assignment is determined by the International Center based on the desired field indicated on the application form.
  3. Students will return to their home countries from the campus assigned for the second semester.

[C] Qualifications and Requirements

1.Applicants Individuals enrolled in a partner institution of the Hokkaido University of Education through the exchange agreement who are officially recommended by that university.
2.Japanese language proficiency acquisition of N4/level 3 or higher of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or a minimum of N4/level 3 acquisition equivalency (approximately 300 hours or 2 years of Japanese language study experience) is desirable.
3.Health Individuals with no mental or physical hindrances in conducting university study.
4.Visa Acquisition Individuals who necessarily have acquired a "Student" visa at time of embarking to Japan.
5.Number of people the total number of foreign students recommended from one partner institution is to be within the person number limit of the memorandum related to student exchange.

[D] Application Procedure

Partner institutions must submit the following documents for the applicants prior to the deadline.

Submitted documents:

  1. Enrollment Certification with JASSO scholarship nomination priority (to be filled out by a partner university)
    Excel(30.09 KB) PDF(sample)(248.26 KB) PDF(form)(232.00 KB)
  2. Foreign student exchange course application Word(58.46 KB) PDF(467.43 KB)
  3. Japanese language proficiency questionnaire Word(79.00 KB) PDF(141.00 KB)
  4. Document certifying Japanese language proficiency (Score Report of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (copy), grade certificate pertaining to Japanese language, Japanese teacher recommendation letter, etc.)
  5. Transcript of academic record
  6. Forms for applying a Certificate of Eligibility Excel(22.12 KB) PDF(210.10 KB)
  7. 3 photographs (4cmx3cm) Write your name on the back of each photograph
    *One should be pasted onto an application form. Two will be used in our admission procedure.
  8. Copy of passport (the portion displaying full name, date of birth, nationality, and face photograph)
  9. Recorded DVD (More than 2 pieces of different styles, 10-20 minutes)
    *Only Music Research Course (Iwamizawa Campus) applicants
    *Please contact International Center before applying for the course to ask whether you can major in the instrument at Iwamizawa Campus.

Application period:

  1. April enrollment: From September 1 to October 31 of the previous year
  2. October enrollment: From March 1 to April 30

[E] Selection Procedure

Submitted applications will be reviewed at the International Center and each campus involved, and a notice of enrollment status will be sent to the partner institution from the International Exchange & Cooperation Center.
  1. April enrollment: November examination, January enrollment notice
  2. October enrollment: May examination, July enrollment notice

[F] Scholarship Program by Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO)

1. Program outline:

This scholarship is available for qualified international students accepted by a Japanese university (i.e. Hokkaido University of Education) under the student exchange agreement on a short-term basis within a year.

2. Qualifications and conditions:

Students enrolled in a full-time course at their home universities, who :
  1. Have excellent academic records and are highly motivated.
  2. Need financial support to study in Japan.
  3. Will return to their home institutions to continue their studies after finishing the exchange program.
  4. MAY grant any other scholarships offered particularly to study in Japan which total amount per month will NOT exceed 80,000JPY besides JASSO scholarship.

3. Support content (2015 academic year):

Monthly stipend: 80,000 JPY per month
  1. Scholarship payment period:
    quivalent to or shorter than the enrollment period of the exchange program.
  2. Number of nominations:
    Any number of candidates may be nominated subject to meeting the specified entry requirements. Where there are multiple candidates they must be ranked for eligibility by the participating institution.
  3. Application method:
    An authorized person from the candidates' home institution is asked to fill out application document No.1.
  4. Upon reviewing of the applications from all the partner institutions, we will recommend some of the applicants to JASSO as candidates. Note that not all the applicants will be nominated.
    The partner institutions will be notified about the results of screening in March for April enrollment and September for October enrollment.

[G] Inquiry

Contact Informational for the Student Exchange Course:
International Center
Hokkaido University of Education
FAX: +81-11-778-0675  /  E-mail:

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