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Study abroad from Overseas to Hokkaido University of Education

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Japaese Culture, Society, and Language Study Course(Hakodate Campus)

[B-11]Japanese Culture, Society,and Language Study Course (Hakodate Campus Only)

(Students who have attained level N2-N4 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test are eligible to take this course for one year).


This is a course for exchange students. Other than learning Japanese through themes such as Japanese culture and society, students can also take courses from the Department of International and Regional Studiesi .   

B.Core Classes

N2-N4 level students:
You must take at least 5 of the following courses per semester from section 1, and must take at least 7 classes per semester from the total of section 1 and section 2.

Students who have attained N1 level:
You must take at least 2 of the following courses per semester from section 1, and must take at least 7 classes per semester from the total of section 1 and section 2. 

Section 1:Specialized Subjects

Students learn Japanese culture, society and language. Please see your academic advisor for choosing classes which best suit your language proficiency level. The following are the lists of courses in this section, but the offered courses are subject to change. Please contact the main office of the International Center for updates. 

First Semester: April –August:
Pre-intermediate Japanese I, III, V, VII
Intermediate Japanese I, III
Upper-intermediate Japanese I, III, V
Advanced Japanese I, III
Japanese Modern Society and Culture Studies I
Japanese Communication Exercise I

Second Semester: October-February:
●Pre-intermediate Japanese II, IV, VI, VIII, X
Intermediate Japanese II, IV
Upper-intermediate Japanese II, IV, VI
Advanced Japanese II, IV
Japanese Modern Society and Culture Studies II
Japanese Communication Exercise II

Offered both in First and Second Semester:

  ●Experience in Japanese Traditional Culture (Japanese tea ceremony (ocha) and Japanese flower arrangement (kado).)

Section 2: Electives

Depending on their Japanese level, exchange students may take courses offered at Hakodate Campus.
Here are examples of courses the previous exchange students took and completed. Please note that these courses require a highly advanced level of Japanese as students will be expected to understand Japanese lectures, read academic texts, and, depending on the course, write academic reports. It is recommended therfore that students carefully consider their Japanese level before registering for these courses.

●Asian Economics 
●Community Building
●Civil Society
●Introducation to Regional Policy Studies 2 (Community and Local Autonomy)
●Teaching of Japanese as a foreign/second language Ⅱ
●Japanese Culture about Dream and Comic
●International Social Work

C.Extra-Curricular Activities

 Exchange students can participate in community activities such as a cultural exchange with elementary school children in the Hakodate area.


“Come, join and enjoy living and learning in Hakodate.” – L. Kong, Director of Hakodate Center, International Exchange and International Cooperation Center.

You need to contact and receive the approval of the chief instructors of these classes.

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