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Study abroad from Overseas to Hokkaido University of Education

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Intensive Japanese Language Course(International center:Sapporo)

[B-1] Intensive Japanese Language Course (International center:Sapporo)

1. Purpose

To acquire basic Japanese skills necessary for studying and conducting research activities at the Hokkaido University of Education.

2. Time period

  • April enrollment: Beginning of April to beginning of August
  • October enrollment: Beginning of October to beginning of February

3. Students attending lectures

  • Individuals with [N2-N4 level equivalency] in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • In academic fields where Japanese language proficiency is not always necessary (e.g. Music), the applicant may be exempt from the pre-placement intensive Japanese language course and conduct his/her academic study at the assigned campus from commencement of the exchange course. 

4. Class structure

The students are placed in either of the following three classes.
  • Pre-intermediate level
  • Intermediate level
  • Pre-advanced level
  • Advanced level foreign students (who have passed N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test or have acquired the equivalent level) conduct research and study in the field of academic major at the assigned campus from commencement of foreign study. It is not necessary to enroll in this course. 

5. Course location

  • Hokkaido University of Education International Center

6. Class division

  • Placement tests are conducted upon course commencement (April and October).

7. Course required classes (1 unit = 90 minutes)

〈April Enrollment〉
   Japanese language and Culture (4 units/week×15 weeks=equivalent to 8(credits))
   Practical Japanese (2 units/week×15 weeks=equivalent to 4(credits))
   Japanese Communication  (2 units/week×15 weeks=equivalent to 4(credits))

〈October Enrollment〉
   General Japanese (4 units/week×15weeks=equivalent to 8(credits))
   Japanese Skills (2 units/week×15weeks=equivalent to 4(credits))
   Japanese Conversation (2 units/week×15weeks=equivalent to 4(credits))

  *Subject name may change.

8. Grading system

  • Holistic grading from small tests and final exams, daily homework and projects, etc.

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