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Study abroad from Overseas to Hokkaido University of Education

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Privately Financed International Student

For students who wish to study abroad at Hokkaido University of Education [Privately Financed International Student]

Hokkaido University of Education accepts (1) graduate students, (2) undergraduate students, (3) research students, and (4) special auditor students as privately-financed international students.

(1) Graduate students

Students need to take the same entrance exam as Japanese students do. (Some study subjects are exempted.)
*Graduate school information page (Japanese) 
*Graduate school information page (Chinese)

(2) Undergraduate students

Hokkaido University of Education has set up a special selection entrance exam for privately-financed international students.
*Click here for details about privately-financed international student special selection

(3) Research students

This program allows students to conduct research in their specific areas of interest under supervision of instructors at this university. The instructor’s consent is required.
For details about application, please go to the webpage of each campus and contact each campus directly.

(4) Special auditor students

Exchange students coming to this university from our international exchange partner institutions are accepted as special auditor students.

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